The Dream List

Welcome to The Dream List

Everyone has dreams. For most people, their dreams sit in the basement of their minds, covered in dust in a back forgotten corner, and every now and then they think about them. While I have the opposite happen to me about my dreams, sometimes the smaller goals get swept under the rug and forgotten about. It’s hard to keep track of those dreams, those crazy ideas that you imagine, but let go of because they are merely dreams.

The Dream List is a continuously updated list of constant habits, personal, professional, dream goals, and more. It is the central location for all the ideas, big and small, that I have for myself and The Custom Life. I value the accountability of putting all these aspirations in one place to keep track of them.

Not to mention, we all secretly love lists and the feeling for striking out items.

Everyday Habits:

  • Write 250 words (excluding blogging and journal entries)
  • Code for 15 minutes
  • Read for 15 minutes

Weekly Habits:

  • At least one Yoga session of an hour length
  • Work on a Project (anything that isn’t coding or writing)
  • Write 2 blog posts

Month Habits:

  • Get outside (hike, climb, ski, etc.)
  • Treat yourself to a need, want, or nice meal
  • Write someone a letter


  • Write a publish-worthy short story
  • Get paid to write something
  • Publish a piece of writing


  • Upgrade blog site personally (doing the coding myself)
  • Take pictures that are above amateur quality
  • Learn to create graphics for the blog
  • Design my own geometric tattoo


  • Learn to ski (January 2016)
    • Ski Double Black with confidence
  • Learn to basic blacksmith skills
  • Learn to code a website from scratch
  • Learn to code an app from scratch


  • Read 10 books (3 fun fiction, 5 classics, 2 educational/enrichment)
  • Track  my time spent for an entire month


  • Take a technical writing course
  • Work an internship on an orchard
  • Create a professional website portfolio

Dream Goals:

  • Have a successful blog with 500 subscribers
  • See a book of mine in a bookstore
  • Make a living off something I have started or produced
  • Travel to the all 7 continents and climb there