New Beginnings

Today, I quit my job. 

If you have read any of my blog Custom Updates you would probably find this to be a bit against what I’ve been trying to do over the past year with my life. I mean, it’s pretty hard to pay off your student loans and buy a van when you don’t have a job. 

Priorities change though, and with perspective I’ve found clarity. I’ve learned a lot over the past year, because it was one hell of a year, but the most important lesson I’ve learned is you have take risks to progress. And to progress toward my goals this is a calculated risk worth taking.

My ultimate goal is to be a writer. I’ve dreamed about it for years. So I’m taking a risk to make that happen. I quit my job to focus on my writing. Simple as that. I’m going to give my passion, my craft, a 100% of my effort for three months to see what happens.

And let’s be honest, what’s the worst that could happen? I’m out three or four months from a job I hate, I write a truck load of content, and end up having to find a different job again? Honestly, that sounds like a dream. All I want to do right now is write and look for a new job anyway.

So why not? I’m ditching the job that leaves me dissatisfied with life (for my old co-workers that may be reading this: you guys rocked, the job was miserable) and  replacing it with writing full time for a few months. 

I have only imagined what I could do with that much time of concentrrated effort, but now I get to actually find out. And I know I can make something of it. Maybe it’ll be a big step, maybe it’ll be small, but the most important thing is it is a step in the direction I want to go.  

But first, it’s time for a vacation to recharge the batteries and reset the mind. 

Cheers, to a New Year and new beginnings!