Custom Update: Metamorphosis

CLB Post Feb. 24th

It is Spring! While I am not excited to see the snow start to melt away, I am excited for some change. I went to the Pacific Science Center with my sister and brother last weekend and we saw the butterflies. They were so many and so beautiful and it reminded me of the beauty in change and the metamorphosis that CLB needs.

Can you believe that this is the 22nd post? I look back at where this began and see a breadth of growth. I am so glad I started this blog. Yet I realize there has been a hard deviation from where it started.  

Striving for a life personalized. That is the mission of this blog. I don’t feel like I have been echoing this in each post. I feel many of my posts lately have been a lot of complaining and less concerned with the process of personalizing my life. Albeit, there is a bit of discontent and volatile emotions in my current daily life, so there is some base. Though, just because this is a lifestyle blog, doesn’t mean my mood should diminish the content. It is a personal blog documenting my journey toward a custom life. My own methods, tips, and the reasoning for my choices, thus it should not be devoid of informational content. It should be filled with content told in the personal context of my experiences.

So next week, – I honestly cannot believe it is almost March – I am going to introduce a series about my journey parsing down possessions. I’ll include my methods, my reasons, tips, tricks, maybe even a challenge or two for you loyal readers. I want to talk about it now, but I’ll hold off until next week. I have to make sure you come back for something!

In other news, my friend and I had our first mastermind meeting! It was great, much more than I had expected. We shared ideas, progress, troubles, and came up with some goals for the week. All my goals were writing related, as that is where most of my productive struggles lie. It was really helpful bouncing my ideas off another individual. The ideas seem better once they are outside of our closed minds and in the open. I have spent some time this week flushing out my ideas for a particular story. I am excited for where it is going to go!

My other goal is to get onto a more consistent schedule with my posts. You may have noticed that the posts used to be at the beginning of the week and now they are coming out closer to the end of the week. It is time for that to change. It won’t happen quickly, but I hope that over the next month I can make the transition back. Or maybe I’ll just make it happen quickly. We’ll see. Changes are coming and The Custom Life, and maybe even my sanity, will better off in turn.



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