Custom Update: Roller Coaster

No photo this week. Personally, I am just happy that I am getting a post out.

Finding routine in a chaotic schedule is becoming a new priority. I miss college for a whole new reason now. College is a routine, it changes every three months, but on a week to week basis you could expect certain things to be stationary and consistent. You can build a pretty productive existence around a college schedule. Sometimes little things would change, but small changes are easy to adapt.

Working retail, easy adaptation is not the case. I have yet to have the same schedule twice. It is all over the place, every week is virtually completely new, which makes a routine nearly impossible. Add to that that I can only, at the max, see my schedule two weeks in advance, and now I am essentially planning from the seat of your pants. Each week is on the fly. I never thought I would miss routines so much.

Don’t get me wrong, planning on the fly is fun, but it is also incredibly inefficient. More often than not plans follow the path of least resistance. When I already expend an exorbitant amount of energy just trying to be present and energetic about my job the least resist path is often taken. So productivity suffers and important tasks are left unfinished.

Writing consistently is a challenge, coding on a daily basis is a struggle, and making sure I don’t explode from stress is a daily chore. It is exhausting. I want to find a rhyme and hit a stride, instead of continually falling over. I am sick of having to take the time to recollect everything, evaluate, and try again.

This is part of the reason I am excited for some accountability. Accountability will put me inside some loose structure. Just about the closest thing I can do to setting a routine. I never thought I was the kind of person that thrived within routine. Now I know, and I have to work with that knowledge.


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