Custom Update: Accountability

FEB 9 Update
Well, it seems I have become addicted. Skiing owns almost all of my lingering thoughts. It may be because it is new and exciting, or it may be because it is an escape, or because my ankle can ski, but not climb; in any case, skiing calls to me. I want to be enveloped by the rush, the to wind whipping my face, and the cold nibbling my nose. I want to feel my legs burn and my fears nipping at my heels. I need it like my body needs air.
If you can imagine, this obsession, and diversion of mental energy, is killing my productivity. Well, I guess it isn’t the only thing. My dirty habit of beige watching The Real World isn’t helping. Or the fact that because I am stressed out, about not being productive and getting the things I need to get done, thus I am sleeping more. Which in turn is stressing me out because then I have less time to take care of things. It is a vicious self created cycle that is darkly comical.
Accountability is going to be the key to success. That is why I am excited to start a ‘mastermind’ group with my good friend, Sheridan. We’ll Skype or chat over the phone on a weekly basis discussing our creative, professional and personal goals and keep each other accountable. I know I sometimes need a little extra encouragement and motivation to stay on track, and I am hoping that these meeting will help me. Not to mention, I like helping other reach their goals, so it will be exciting to see how it helps him as well.
I will say that keeping the mini notebook in my pocket has helped immensely in keeping me accountable in writing. I jot down thoughts, short story ideas, pieces of imagery and dialogue, so I am at least capturing some prose. I am just lacking the follow through at this moment to expand the small notes. The step between notebook and computer seems so long, yet, in reality, is simple opening my computer. The thing literally takes seconds to boot. I’ve timed it; I am a nerd. And still, I don’t open the computer and the little writing tool to transfer the ideas (we’re talking a few sentences MAX) from my notebook into the computer. Without the expansion, those little bits of prose are just going to sit there. It looks like this will be the next step in my writing journey.
In other news, my budget is also freaking my out. To be fair, this always happens regardless of preparation if I have all of a sudden spent more money. Was some of it superfluous? Probably, but most of it was spent with purpose. It is remembering that purpose that will make the difference.
Alright, I am out of gas on this one. PEACE.

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