Custom Update: Good Days

Photo by the author

Yesterday was a good day. Often times we declare the day will be good, but other times we just know the day is going to be good. That was yesterday for me. Why? Because I went out outside! I went skiing in Stevens Pass.

I had yet to go skiing in Washington, so I was a bit nervous, but over all I was just psyched to hit the snow. If you read my last post, I have really gotten a lot of value out of skiing. A part from the intrinsic value, it also gets me outside, and I am so excited for that. You may have noticed that getting outside is one of the things I am focusing on doing more often. It is so rejuvenating. It resets my mentality and keeps me energized to keep my head down and keep working hard.

It was fantastic being out on skis again. Even though it was only a few weeks ago that I was in Driggs, I was itching to be back on some skis.

One of the things I’m working hard at is my programming skills. I am currently working on my web design skills (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript specifically) and it is going quite well! For the most part, it is all reviewing and re-learning things I’ve known in the past, with some small new items. I look forward to applying those skills to customizing the blog in the next few months.

For a completely unrelated tangent, I have a rant I need to get off my chest. This is such a first world problem that it is ridiculous, but it’s the principle of the matter. So my job used my small amount of PTO for my past vacation. I did not want to use my PTO. Now, I would understand if I had to use my PTO, but I was given the choice whether I would use it or not. I did not want to use my PTO. It is not that I don’t mind the larger paycheck, but it is the fact that I had planned to use that PTO at another time. I did not want to use my PTO. They did it anyway. I do not like that. That is my earned time and should not be used without my permission. I said no, I want to save it, and I was told that is fine. Then they used it anyway. Was it a lot of time? No, but it was enough time, and it took time to save up. I’ll survive, but it is another chink in my chain with my job. The chinks are adding up quickly.

On the plus side, it boosted my budget for the month! For years, I have taken vacations without pay, so I am pretty used to getting nothing and I know how to budget for vacations. Also known as working your ass off for months and saving up. The other trick to budgeting for vacation is being willing to spend money, but know your cap. Limit yourself on somethings and just go all out on others. For instance, I made lunch everyday, brought snacks, and had oatmeal with granola for breakfast because it saved money. However, dinner was another story. We ate like kings for dinner. Homemade soups, salmon, steak, homemade pizzas, fantastic meals out. I would not let price stop me if I wanted something in particular. Vacation is a treat, so treat yourself, but obviously it has to be within your means and in moderation. So I was prepared to dole out a nice chunk of money on vacation, and I did, relatively speaking, but it was nice for once to get some money deposited into my bank too.

I will say, if you are preparing for an active vacation like skiing, climbing, or hiking, look into the Mountain Athlete training programs. I talked about doing their Alpine Rock Climbing program in the fall, and I finished it just before Christmas. They work great. I went from sea level to 9,000 feet with out an issue. I was giving guys that live at 5,000 feet and higher a run for their money on approaches (you know who you are and I love you guys).  However, be prepared to work really hard for that edge. It was 10 hours plus a week of training. Your legs, and butt, are pretty much shot for the first three weeks, so don’t plan any hard hikes. However, the benefits are great. I have never felt so fit in my life. I was climbing hard, fast, and moving with more ease than ever before. Hard work pays off, and Mountain Athlete will make you work hard.

Alright, that’s enough jabbering for one post. Keep an eye out for a sweet recipe this week. It is a classy upgrade to an all time favorite.



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