Custom Update: Vacation and The Dream List

Alright, so the post didn’t come out on Thursday. But I swear I have a good reason. Wednesday evening I drove 13 hours to Driggs, Idaho. I am finally on vacation. It is the beginning of 13 days of blissful skiing, ice climbing, and quality time with some of my closest friends. In any case, I arrived promptly at 9:30am Thursday morning and and by 11am I was on the slopes learning how to ski for the first time. We got back to the house around 5pm and then we were shopping for food, making dinner, planning other trips and doing research, etc.

Thus, my post was not completed. . . for several days because sometimes hanging out with your friends is more important.

And let’s face it, I am on vacation. Beautiful, peaceful vacation! I am so happy to be away, recharging my batteries, and reconnecting with good friends. My productivity is taking a hit, but my soul is getting exactly what it needed.

Nevertheless, I am here this morning (along with continual bursts of effort every other morning), bruised, battered, full of joy, and ready to present the first iteration of The Dream List.

What is The Dream List? Think of it is my version of a bucket list, to do list, and The Impossible List from College Info Geek (based off the original Impossible List by Joel Runyon). This will be the central location all levels goals and kinds of aspirations will live. With them all in one place I will be able to track the ones I have accomplished and those I have yet to accomplish. I like the visualization of goals and dreams. There is something about seeing progress by crossing items off a list. Not to mention, publicizing these kind of goals is great accountability, at least for me.

So that is that. I am on vacation, loving the time with my friends, and learning a new sport. Sometimes the only update needed is that life is going well.



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