Custom Update: The Year of Upgrades

Ah, the New Year. The time when choices of the good, the bad, and the ugly variety are made. When people put down the pint of ice cream and pick up the jump rope. . . then pick the pint back up after two weeks.

I have set a few choices in motion with The Custom Life. Upgrades are what I am deeming them – for instance a certain upgrade of which I am happily writing this post from that finally arrived – and I could not be more excited. For starters, I am launching The List this Thursday. This beautiful page will be an on going list of goals, both personal, professional, and for The Custom Life.

Secondly, and get psyched for this one, the Custom Life now has a Twitter handle, Pintrest page, Instagram, AND. . . wait for it. . . email. Ok, that isn’t exciting enough.

So I bought my domain. Boom. is live people (well. . . hopefully, it may be 72 hours, but it is a real thing).  Click that link and basque in the refreshed glory of the front page. It is that good.

Anyway, it feels great to be back here on The Custom Life (should I start calling it TCL? I’ll think about it). My soul has missed the oasis that is writing. Fun fact, I went almost an entire month without writing and felt as though my soul was being slowly sucked from my body. I was becoming an empty husky, like chaff in the wheat grinder, or the bits of eraser that no longer have a purpose.

Full of imagery my writing is.

Side Note: Star Wars was epic, because I got to watch it in theaters AND drink great beer. Cinebarre, if have not tried it, either you are under age, or lacking the kind of impulses that would make us friends. Because even if you don’t drink, you cannot tell me that being able to eat bar food and drink a milk shake, all served to you while you sit in plush leather seats during a movie in theaters, is a not gift to man kind. Seriously. However, I also adhere to the notion that I shouldn’t probably do that to my body that often. Heath and fitness becomes difficult when you are full of greasy food and crappy calories.

Which brings me to other news, I finished my 6 week training program! You can read all about my thoughts about the training when I post a sweet review (or two. . . we’ll see).

All in all, I am back and The Custom Life is going places. Get excited, because 2016 is going to be the Year of Upgrades.

Check out the Contact page for more information about all the ways to contact me.


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