Custom Updates: Crunch Time

It is so close to Christmas! What does that mean? Crunch time. There are so many that need to be done:

  • Purchase gifts
  • Find and purchase a Van
  • Juggle jobs and obligations
  • Plan for my trip in January
  • Write/Blog
  • Plan for the New Year

Those are just a few things, but there are more and I know they’re all coming for me in the next few weeks. Christmas is like the final yearly battle in time management. It is what we have been training for all year. However, this year I feel ill-prepared for the magnitude of time management needed.

In light of the craziness of this holiday season, and a need to get a schedule put together so The Custom Life becomes less rambling, I will be holding off on posting until after the New Year. I will make sure that the first few posts cover all those things I have been meaning to speak of (budget run down, NaNoWriMo lessons, etc). I want to The Custom Life to be anecdotal, but also have helpful content. The Custom Life has been lacking the helpful content for a while now. I am taking the rest of December to plan out content, and get everything on schedule and in order. It will be worth it.

This is a learning process and I am adjusting my time management to make sure The Custom Life is a priority. Thank you for enjoying the process with me. I appreciate the support.

Merry Christmas, and see you in the New Year!


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