Custom Update: Death by Commute

December is here! I love December. Why? Because December means two things: cold weather and Christmas. You can wear flannel in cold weather. That is all that needs to be said.  Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love all aspects of Christmas : the cheer, the food, the music, the spirit of giving, the decorations and everything else. It is a magical time.

However, it being December also means NaNoWriMo is over. Let me tell you, this was a tough month.

Final Count Chart
*As of the 11/30/15

16,914. I didn’t even make it half way. I did horribly. I could say I was busy and I had a lot of things going on, but in truth I didn’t give it my all. I tried but I could have tried harder. I could have slept little, milked the words from my fingers, and poured every drop of time I had into this, but I didn’t. I failed. Was the stress of NaNoWriMo worth it? Absolutely. I learned some important things from the experience, and I’ll share my insight over the weekend. For now, I will press on.  For as they say, NaNoWriMo may be over, but I will continue to write like it is November.

On the upside, I have officially started my new job! It is a challenging change in pace and I am excited to learn from my mentors, the company, and the position. It will be a busy month, but I am excited to jump right into the thick of the business. I am also fortunate that I will continue to work occasional shifts at Vertical World. Everyone there has been very supportive of this opportunity and I am thrilled to continue to work as part of the Vertical World family.

Commuting though. Dear lord… it is terrible. I spend three hours a day going between places. I spend 45 minutes driving, 20 minutes walking, and another 30 minutes on the bus. That is one way. In addition to two hours of workouts (Week 4 is almost over and improvements are becoming evident!) and eight hours of work, that is both time consuming and exhausting. I am trying to find ways to capitalize on the intermittent down time though, which is why I am working on this post on the bus via my phone. If you every saw my first attempt at blogging, you’ll know how well blogging from a phone went for me (RIP Enriched in Argentina).

That is part of the reason I bought myself a new laptop.  The fact that my current laptop is not portable, and takes up to 10 minutes to get to a workable state, is unacceptable and is overall hindering my productivity. I hope that the portability and greatly increased boot speed of my new laptop will allow me to do more writing on the go. Hopefully that means that I will get back on schedule…

Budget-wise, I was prepared for a computer purchase. So while my liquid funds took a hit from the purchase, I had the cash to pay for it and my budget unaffected. I am still waiting on my benefits package to arrive from Columbia so I can finalize those details and get the true picture of my budget. Rest assured, once I have those details in place, you will get the budgeting post and weekly updates that you have been looking for (because I know you are so excited for that).

Enjoy your weekend, do something you love, and if at all possible, avoid a commute.


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