Custom Update: Failures and Successes

It is always hard to watch yourself fail. NaNoWriMo has been a lot of failing and a few small successes, mostly due to my NaNoWriMo tips. The biggest failure is the word count.

Word Count Chart 11-24-15
*As of the evening of 11/23/14

As you can see, I am not even a quarter of the way to the word count goal. There would have to be a miracle for me to make it to 50,000 words by the end of next Monday. On top of that, I am not entirely satisfied with the story direction anymore. It lost something over the past two weeks. The story seemed forced from my fingers; it has been hard to put the words down.

However, I am at a point in the story that I have been thinking about for a while, so hopefully I will get back on track. I will do my best to recover my stride for a last push, but it is difficult to say now if I will succeed in even drafting the beginning of a viable story.

On a happier note, I am enjoying my new job immensely! Well, at least the people (I have yet to actually worked a shift; I have only completed training thus far), but I am sure the day to day work will be fun and full of new experiences.  I am psyched to have benefits now. I never realized how awesome company benefits are, or how confusing they can be (that can be another post on its own).

My training, the program I spoke of in my 10th post, is still hard, both mentally and physically. I feel stronger, but so heavy, and it is affecting my climbing. My climbing isn’t getting worse per se, but it is definitely getting harder to stay at the same level; my climbing plateau is having an effect on my mentality. On the other hand, the legs portion of the training is getting relatively easier each week. That is probably because I took an Epsom salt bath this weekend, and now I feel great. Or that is just what this training is actually about, building leg stamina and strength, and climbing is just the secondary. Either way, I am hopeful for all around improvements.

In the scope of budget, because of my new job and said benefits, things are still changing. I will be making contributions to a couple different investments now, and adjusting my loan payments. However, my budget is looking like I may be able to afford a nicer van come mid-December (WHOOO!).

But, on the same note, I have large expenses and purchases coming down the pipe. For one, my car needs new tires and registration. That will be almost an entire paycheck (or maybe not, I am hoping not). Plus, if I am to be living in a Van, I need a laptop that actually works. That is another $400 spent (I will detail my decision making process another time). So with all of that, I may end up sticking with a cheaper van anyway. We shall see.

Overall, ‘adulting’ is time consuming. I will figure out my time management eventually (aka, as soon as I get my act together) so I can spend more time writing. Until then, I will do my best to keep up and turn the failures into successes.

P.S. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! It is the time to cherish your loved ones. Even if you are near them, give them your thanks, and especially if they are far away.


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